Fill a Global Need, Create a Global Brand

Every global retail icon needs a good creation story, and Vera Bradley has one of the best.  For over two decades it has been the mission of the brand to bring beauty to the world, and judging by the popularity of their goods and services, they have done just that.  Imagine traveling around the globe and being bothered by the lack of stylish, affordable, bags and luggage you saw from airport to airport.  Luggage was considered drab, functional and lacked any redeeming artistic qualities. Then imagine having the gumption to fill that space with bright designs and geometric patterns, and you have the story behind Vera Bradley.  Well, not quite.  The company was founded, not by Vera, but her daughter, who wanted the world to have a touch of the beauty and charm she saw in her mother.  With the help and support of her family, and the smarts of her business savvy partner, a prototype was developed, and following starts and fits – a style icon was born.

Today you can own a piece of Very Bradley luggage and see why the world was made better when her innovative designs and stylish luggage pieces hit stores.  And find out how simple it is to create your personalized look with a Groupon for savings on your online purchase.  Groupon has partnered with Vera Bradley to offer deep discounts like 50% off on totes and accessories, and even more on some of their most popular pieces.  Whether you need a backpack to hold all your goodies as you rush off to campus or a simple lunch bag that matches your rolling luggage, you can count on Very Bradley to deliver a quality product.  Unlike a typical luggage seller that emphasizes the size and style of the hardware, Vera Bradley has you start your buying experience by picking out the fabric pattern for your item.  Then, you can put together matching or contrasting pieces to make the look your own.

As business goes, the tried and true formula is to find a need a fill it.  Judging by the sales year after year of the Vera Bradley line, they have found a way to make millions of people happy over the years by filling their need with verve and high-flying style.