The Technical Aspects of Designing a Great Pop up Banner Explained

Success in business requires great management, a product or service that solves the customer’s or client’s problem, and an effective marketing campaign. For the latter there are many tools available, and one of the most widely used is the roll up, pull up, or pop up banner – it’s very cost-effective, delivers great results and can be used practically anywhere the need arises.

It’s important, however, that the roll up banner is engineered for maximum efficiency and designed to capture the attention and imagination of the target demographic. The design is crucial, and it needs to be handled in a professional manner. Here are the technical aspects of designing a great pop up banner explained.

Representing your logo, brand, and product

Regardless of what kind of marketing platform or media you use, you need to make sure that your logo, brand, and product are as clearly represented as possible. Hence, make sure you reserve enough space on the pull up banner from the start for this. It’s wise to use colours on your banner that blend in well with those of your logo.

Your target demographic

Nothing will go according to plan unless you have a good understanding of your target demographic (except by coincidence and sheer luck), so do your research. What problems are they dealing with, and in what way will your message be received in its most favourable light? What colours do they like, and how can they contact you? The message is for them, so get to know them.

Art specifications

Your supplier (the one creating or printing the banner) may have certain specifications and requirements in order to be able to deliver a quality product. Before you start designing, ensure you are aware of them.

Getting the right tools – software programmes

Programmes such as Adobe Illustrator, InDesign or Photoshop are necessary if you want to create a professional-looking roller banner – it’s a worthwhile investment that ensures you can get quality design done.

High resolution and quality print

There’s nothing worse than having to read low quality print or look at a low-resolution picture that doesn’t adequately portray intricate details. Always go for quality.

Designing effective pop up banners involves a lot more than meets the eye – a good design is based on a thorough understanding of the human mind and how it visually perceives a displayed message. It requires a study of colours and fonts and how they influence the mood of the audience. If you feel you don’t have the necessary skills or intuition, it’s always best to note down your ideas and have a professional work out the details. Experienced designers are sure to take your designs to the next level, ensuring maximum success.